All I Want is a Room Somewhere

It’s that time again! This year is whizzing by – in a blink of an eye we’re bringing you the first post of June, and the mercurial British summer is slowly heating up.  The sun is desperately trying to show us that it’s out there, but we all know that the mugginess of our current weather pattern is sure to have us wanting a nice cool shower at the end of the day. Failing that – if a shower isn’t your thing, perhaps you’d prefer a beautiful bath at the end of a long day running around in the heat of the city.

Since June is named after the Roman Goddess Juno, who was associated with the life and wellbeing of Women, and we all know how much women like a pampering session now and then, imagine unwinding in these decadent powder rooms if money were no object.



This beautifully understated bathroom really lets the setting speak for itself with views that can literally wash your cares away.


If a bath with a view is a little too exposing, how about relaxing in this angular, sleek bath, complete with a fluffy robe. It’s so open, you could roll out of the bath and straight into bed – talk about stylish!


If, like me, you like a bath, but find there’s nothing better after a hot day than a long, refreshing shower and in this pristine white room, you’ll come out feeling sparkling clean.

You can still create a little bit of luxury at home and brighten up your day with little touches like these;


African print shower curtain, made eco-friendly, from Ghana.


Why not jazz up a boring bathroom mirror by framing it with fabulous African inspired tiles.

Is there anything here to spark your imagination for adding a little luxury to your life? Maybe you’ll find something to piqué your interest on our brand new Pinterest board, Dazzling Blue. Are you following us on Pinterest? let us know which board is your favourite!

Dazzling Blue

In other news, Ahrinarmah have been featured in NU People Magazine this week, which is now available to download free through their App, which will even allow you to get your hands on one of our cushions at the tap of a finger – luxury and ease, what more could you want?!

Nu People MAGAZINE 1

The June/July issue featured our Orfori  and Ada cushions, as well as our orange Jamestown lampshade.

NU People are a digital publication promoting Afro-Caribbean culture and style, for anybody and everybody with an interest in the community. They cover everything from Home and living, to careers, love, and the arts. Their mission is to create a space for entrepreneurs to be seen, create a dialogue involving things people WANT to talk about, and ‘redefine “Black” lifestyle and business in the media’.

Have you read any interesting articles promoting African Culture lately? Let us know via our social media platforms,   Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ whilst you keep an eye outboards for more details on our upcoming collections and new and exclusive prints!




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